Association of Councils


Following a request by the head of Al-Quds university council, Prof Sari Nusseibeh and in pursuit of encouraging further evolution of democratization throughout the university the council has approved in the year 2000 the establishment of an inter-university forum called “University Association of Councils”. The main aim of the forum is to bring together all university academic council members and administrative officers to a bi-annual meeting, in order to discuss university strategic issues. This forum is unique among all Palestinian and Arab universities.

General Secretariat of Association of Councils

The Secretariat of Association of Councils is formed by the Secretary-General of the Association of Councils, in addition to six members chosen from the university academics who served previously in senior administrative positions at the university. They meet on a weekly basis to discuss and plan the semester meeting of the association.   


The University Association of Councils is comprised by:

  • The University President (Chair)
  • The Vice-Presidents
  • Members of the University Council
  • Members of the Academic Council
  • Members of the Graduate Studies Council
  • Members of the Faculty Councils
  • Directors of institutes and centers and program coordinators
  • Administrative directors


In accordance to the University President's memorandum of May 27 2000, the main function of this forum is to hold a bi-annual meeting in order to discuss strategic issues that involve the progress and development of the university. The minutes of all decisions and recommendations to the University Council are then forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval. Prior to each meeting, the General Secretariat of Association of Councils headed by its Secretary-General assembles, as and when needed, in order to plan the meeting and prepare the agenda. They normally ask the concerned administrative and academic staff to conduct their research and prepare presentations related to the topic of each meeting.  The meetings are usually held outside the university campus and last for two working days.