Center for Chemical & Biological Analysis


The center was established in 1999 to implement the vision of Al-Quds University in supporting scientific research in the areas of agriculture, industry, and environment along with serving the Palestinian community in the area of chemical and biological analysis of water samples, wastewater, soil for agricultural and environmental purposes, and to insure food products quality and health safety. The center is equipped with the latest equipments and staffed with qualified and trained personnel for the implementation of analytical procedures and to maintain quality. The center manage and supervise the work and efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant which treat wastewater generated from the University main campus in Abu-Dies to a quality unrestricted for irrigation. Part of the treated wastewater is further treated using advanced technologies (ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis) as a pilot experimental plant for research which produce water free of ions, particles and microbes. The center is a member in the USGC Foundation of America for quality control system, and is seeking to have accreditation from the Palestinian Standards Institution (PSI) based on ISO 17025.

We are looking forward to be a third party quality control laboratory in the area of our work.