Faculty of Educational Science




The faculty is determined and focused on developing and nurturing the students in the society. We feel it is imperative to empower our students and push them to be the forerunners with the condition they may face in their community. We look forward to welcoming great students of the future and teaming them with staff and alike peers that will strive to have an impact and follow up on trends worldwide in this grand field of study.

About Us

The Faculty of Educational Science operates under the requirements, needs and conditions of the community. It was established in 2008 when the university decided to introduce educational programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. The department of elementary education and kindergarten was the first department to be established, followed by the learning technology program in 2006 and the psychology department in 2007.

The faculty plays a vital role in all of its programs, by preparing and training its staff and students with the latest global trends in the field. We also focus on scientific research and how to apply this appropriately in our fields.

Our programs work with, and for, the needs of society. We aim to ensure a sustainably developed society by working with people to achieve this. Through taught studies at undergraduate level, and the research conducted by our master’s students and staff members, we are always at the forefront of our field. The faculty is also engaged in research projects with outside partners and educational institutions.
We are looking forward to expanding our undergraduate and graduate programs, in a way that serves the community. We are always keen to see students who are innovative and analytical thinkers, and that can help us to achieve this aim.