Faculty of Law




Here at the faculty of Law we are determined of producing students of the highest and finest caliber. Through our vast links with professionals work field, we give our students unique opportunities to guide them onto a career pathway best suited to them. We look forward to welcoming a young generation of future Law students, those that will go on to shape a great future in their Legal vocations.

About Us

The faculty of Law aims to enhance the quality of education and to provide students with an appropriate environment for creativity and freedom, which is in line with local and international education standards. Through the provision of distinct studying programs, the faculty offers educational opportunities in the field of legal sciences for students in Palestine in order to create a more qualified and capable workforce. The faculty equips students with skills in both theoretical and practical knowledge for critical and analytical thinking, which not only play a great role in improving the students’ personality, but also encourages active participation at a community level.

The students in our faculty are at the heart of the educational process. The Faculty of Law has allocated part of its program to providing opportunities of practical experience through visits to legal clinics and courts. These all give our students an insight and guidance into the professional working field of Law. Furthermore, the college encourages students to partake in scientific research and further develop their studies.

In addition, students are encouraged to participate in legal conferences, and the college is making continuous efforts to consolidate and connect students and faculty members with organizations, associations as well as local, regional and international institutions in a way that supports the course objectives.  

The faculty is also a member of the Scientific Association of Arab Law, an association that is based in Cairo and contributes to video conference programs, in combination with Columbia University, for the elevation and the development of legal education.  We are also working with the Arkan Project for the development of theoretical and practical education.