Faculty of Qur'an & Islamic Studies



The faculty of Qur’an and Islamic Studies offers our students with a unique opportunity to engage in the religion on a level that is unlike any other. We aim to nurture our students through studying Islam by essentially implementing and studying the Qu’ran. The goal is to inspire future leaders of this Ummah and to take them to the next step in their guided Islamic learning.

Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway
Dean of Qur`an and  Shari`a faculties

About Us

In the name of Allah,
May his mercy and blessings be upon you;
Our faculty is proud of what it has accomplished since it’s two decades of establishment. We strive to build a generation of students that are blessed in their religion and civilization, having a true sense of belonging to this beautiful nation sensitive to Islamic purposes. We nurture students that to have distinct Islamic personality that combines traditions and modern contexts. Thus this generation is going to be qualified to perform roles in helping local community as well as Arab and Islamic world.
In our faculty we emphasize on keeping pace with the current evolution. Our major role is to instill Islamic spirit and developing it, deepen the practical religiosity; prepare scientific researches and encourage research in Islamic and Qur`anic fields, in addition, to graduate distinguished students in the sciences of interpretation and correct recitation.  
We also aim to prepare intellectual generation that deeply know the Qur`an and are capable of defending Islam. Moreover, we intend to connect our faculty with the local community through participating in different activities that are within Islamic studies` specialization.