Institute of Business and Economics


I am very pleased to welcome you to the site of the Institute of Business and Economics (IBE).

Despite the fact that IBE was established in 1996, it has become among the most unique and distinguished of its kinds in Palestine as well as in the region. The IBE at Al-Quds University - Jerusalem offers academic programs that are equivalent in content and quality to those offered by the leading Higher Education Institutions in Palestine as well as abroad. The IBE aims to provide students with a strong base of education in Accounting, Business Administration and Economics   that equips them with necessary skills and knowledge. It combines theory with applications to develop professional managers .It is obvious that professional   and academic education in Business and Economics requires sound knowledge in these disciplines and other related fields to solve current economic problems. The Business Administration and Economics programs are designed to meet the urgent needs of the Palestinian community.

We are very proud to confirm that a significant number of successful entrepreneurs have graduated from the IBE. It is anticipated that those graduates will help business organizations in Palestine to significant and competitive positions in global business environment. Over the past four decades, unfair policies and measures practiced by Israeli Occupation Authorities have eroded the competitiveness of the Palestinian Economy. Therefore, the IBE looks forward to educate new generation of business leaders to meet economic changes all over the world, and who are capable to integrate the Palestinian economy into the economies of the region.


Mahmoud K. Eljafari, Eljafar  Mahmoud
Director  and Professor of Economics