Bassam Abu Hamad


Associate Professor


Faculty of Public Health, Al Quds University, Building 101, Tel El Hawa, Gaza, Palestine


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Telephone numbers





08-2884411 or 08-2805083


+970-08-2884411 or +970-08-2805083







Associate Professor, holding a PhD from Sheffield Hallam University, UK-2001. Human Resource Management

Research interests

  • Management related Research
  • Health Service Research
  • Nutrition Related Research
  • Social research

Teaching activities

  • Introduction to Health Management and Economics
  • Health care system and health policy
  • Research methodology
  • Quality in Health Care
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Health information system
  • Residency
  • Seminar in Health Management
  • Evaluation in Health care

Recent Reports

  • Hamad, B and Mleahat, S (2014), Early Childhood Development in Gaza: An assessment. ANERA website
  • Jones, N and Hamad, B (20 15), The hidden costs of the 2014 Gaza– Israeli conflict Adolescent girls’ psycho-social wellbeing. ODI July 2015.
  • Jones, N, Hamad, B. Pereznieto, P and Sylvester, K (2016). "Transforming cash transfers: citizens’ perspectives on the politics of programme implementation", Journal for developmental studies “Making Voice Matter:  social accountability in social protection”.
  • Fiona Samuels and Nicola Jones with Bassam Abu Hamad, Janice Cooper, Ananda Galappatti (2015), Rebuilding adolescent girls’ lives Mental health and psychosocial support in conflict-affected Gaza, Liberia and Sri Lanka Synthesis Report. ODI/DFID
  • Nicola Jones and Bassam Abu-Hamad with Georgia Plank  (2015) Women’s voice and leadership in Gaza: An exploration of the drivers and constraints faced by women leaders during the Hamas era. ODI/DFID
  • Nicola Jones, Laura Maritano, Georgia Plank, Bassam Abu-Hamad and Kifah Bani Odeh (2015), Programme evaluation of the Supporting Stability and Promoting Democracy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (SSPD) Programme. DFID/ODI
  • Abu Hamad, B, Jones, N, Al Bayoumi, N and Samuels, F (2015) Mental health and psychosocial support service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings. The Case of the Gaza Strip-ODI/DFID.
  • Singleton, G.  Al Azzeh, A. Abu Hamad, B. Irfaeya, M. and Hamra, E. (2015) Evaluation of the Strategic Cancer Care Initiative (SCCI) Phase I&II in the occupied Palestinian territories.
  • Abu Hamad, B., et al (2015) Baseline study on water quality & public health in the Gaza Strip. PWA, Maalem
  • Abu Hamad, B. (2015), National Consultancy for the Ministry of Social Affairs, World Food Program and the United Nations Children Fund’s Emergency Assistance Program. UNICEF and WFP
  • Braunmühl C and Abu Hamad, B. (2014), Evaluation at Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) in Palestine/Gaza.  CBM-Germany
  • Pereznieto P, Jones N, Abu Hamad, B and Shaheen M with Alcala E (2014), Effects of the Palestinian national Cash Transfer Programme on Children and Adolescents: A mixed methods analysis.  Requested and funded by UNICEF.
  • Ramis, O, Abu Hamad, B, and Al Azzehl, M. (2013), Final Evaluation: Reinforcement of Tertiary Health Care in the Palestinian Territories.  BTC-Belgium 2013
  • Abu Hamad, B. and Sara Pavello (2013), Transforming Cash Transfers: Beneficiaries and Community Perspectives about the Cash Transfer Program: The Case of Gaza Strip.   Overseas Development Institute-UK- DFID.
  • Abu Hamad, B (2013) Environmental scanning for UNFPA program as a part of the organization strategic plan cycle.
  • MAP and Save the Children (2012), based on a research done by Abu Hamad, B Gaza’s Children: Falling Behind- The effect of the blockade on child health in Gaza.  MAP and Save the Children. June 2012.
  • Abu Hamad, B, (2012) Endline study for the USAID funded project regarding Early Childhood Development (ECD) Project-Right Start! November 2012.  USAID  


Recent articles

  • Adham M and Hamad B, Evaluation of drug dispensing practices at MOH hospitals accepted for publication in January 2010.
  • Abu Hamad, B. and Sammour H. (2012), “Weaning practices of mothers attending United Nations Relief and Works Agency Health Centers in the Gaza Governorates”. Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol 69, No 4, pages 745-983
  • Oukal, M. and Abu Hamad, B. (2012), Anthropometric and Biochemical Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Overweight and Obese Male Adults in Rafah City-Gaza.  An-Najah University Journal for research-Medical and Health Sciences, Vol 2, No 1, pages 38-50.
  • Hamad, B, Jones, N. and Pereznieto, P. (2014), Tackling children's economic and psychosocial vulnerabilities synergistically: How well is the Palestinian National Cash Transfer Programme serving Gazan children?  Children and Youth Services Review, CYSR-02539; No of Pages 15.
  • Diab, R and Hamad, B. (2015), Workload status at nursing stations in united nations relief and works agency health centers – Gaza governorates. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2015, Vol. 5, No. 4.
  • Abed, Y. Abu Saman, Kh and Abu Hamad, B. (2014), Effects of co-payment on drug rational use and cost recovery at governmental Primary health care in Gaza, International Journal of Development Research 4 (11): 2292-2296
  • Abu-Odah H, Abed Y, Abu-Hamad B (2014) Risk Factors of Stroke in Patients Admitted in European Gaza Hospital, Gaza Strip: A Case Control, Study in Medical Unit Setting. J Neurol Disord Stroke 2(3): 1073.
  • Abu Hamad, B., Skaik, N, Abu-Odah, H. (2016), Evaluation of Palliative Care Services Provided to Cancer Patients in the Gaza Strip. International Journal of Palliative Care. Accepted.
  • Jones, N, Abu-Hamad, B and Shaheen, M (2016) The politics of vulnerability: assessing citizen satisfaction with Palestine’s flagship cash transfer programme. Social Policy in Contemporary Times. Accepted
  • Tabash, M, Hussein, R, Mahmoud, A. El- Borgy, M. and Abu-Hamad, B (2016), Impact of an educational program on knowledge and practice of health care staff toward pharmaceutical waste management in Gaza, Palestine Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association-H JOURNAL OF THE AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATIONVOL. 66, NO. 4, 429–438.